QX MAX Laser Services


We have a new laser at Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic! Although it’s already popular throughout Asia and Europe, we are only the second clinic in the United States operating the QX MAX system. It performs a number of services including; melasma treatment, acne scarring treatment, sun damage (brown sun spot removal), “no downtime” wrinkle treatment, inflammatory acne treatment, deep pore cleansing and toning (laser facial), and tattoo removal.

I have two years laser tattoo removal experience working with the MedLite Hoya system. The Fotona representative explained to me the difference between the QX MAX and the Hoya MedLite is that there is no loss of power from the laser as the tattoo lightens. I experienced a plateau in treatment many times with the Hoya system, the tattoo would get light and then just seem to never fully go away as the patient paid for treatment after treatment. The QX MAX system is supposed to deliver power no matter how light the tattoo gets for a faster removal process. Since this system is brand new to our office, I don’t have to experience to compare the two laser systems on my own, but I’m hoping the QX laser does what the company claims. The patients we have treated four weeks ago are seeing visible fading and it will be exciting to see how well the laser continues to deliver those results as their tattoos get lighter. For general information on pricing, please call 801-281-0022. Consult information available at UtahTattooMD.com.

For the month of February, the esthetics special for The Spa @ UDMPC is the new deep pore cleansing laser facial with the QX MAX system! This treatment is quick, only  20-30min, with no downtime! When you come in for the treatment, we will have you wash your face with Infusing Cleanser. Then, in the treatment room, your facial skin will experience two different settings on the laser. The first setting will stimulate collagen and clean out blackheads. I can literally see a plume of smoke come from the blackhead as the laser light hits it! After cleaning out  dirt, make-up, dead skin cells and oil from the pores,  the second laser setting shrinks them back to their original size. Your laser facial is then finished with application of  Wrinkle Relaxer Serum, Resveratrol Age Defying Cream, and Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 30. If you have a sensitive skin type that cannot bear traditional extractions without injury or are prone to bad reactions from regular facials, this could be the perfect treatment for you. This is a manly enough treatment for you guys that want great skin too, we know you like tools! It may take a series of treatments to arrive at desired results, you can do one every four weeks. Try the laser facial while it’s on sale this month for only $75.00 (regularly $100.00)






6 comments on “QX MAX Laser Services

  1. Linda says:

    Is the laser facial suitable for ethnic skin tones?

    • Hello Linda! Yes, this laser is suitable for ethnic skin. In fact, that is exactly one of the reasons why Dr. Jepson brought the Fontana QX max laser system to our office! We can see you for a free laser consult to address your specific skincare needs and make sure we choose the best treatment and products we can offer here at our clinic. Call the front desk at 801-281-0022 for an appointment.

    • Yes! Suitable for all skin types. In fact we purchased this laser with our Asian clientele in mind!

  2. Holly says:

    How many treatments is recommended for brown sun spots? Since it supposedly stimulates collagen, what is the tightening/plumping effect? It sems to good to be true at the price tag!

    • The majority of patients who are treated for sun spot removal with the Fontana QX Max require 1-2 treatments. There are that special few who require more. I suggest starting on the Lira Pro Lite TX two weeks before sun spot removal. It is a powerful, non-irritating lightening serum we sell here in the office and is applied under your moisturizer, twice a day. We also offer the QX MAX laser facial, which is pore cleansing and refining, and collagen stimulating. Mature clientele report back a noticeable pumping or tightening effect with cleaner pores for about a month.

    • Oh and Holly, the laser facial is on sale through the rest of June 2014 for only $75.00!

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