The Power of Peptides

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With so many cosmetic companies claiming miracle Benjamin-Button-esque cures to aging and touting their unpronounceable ingredients with alleged life-changing results, it is often hard to sift through the clutter and determine who is the real deal and who is tip-toeing past Federal Trade Commission guidelines for misleading advertising. Luckily enough for you, as well as everyone working at Lira Clinical, Lira prides themselves on starting with the science first and leaving the advertising for later, and not the other way around. That is why you can find complete transparency on the Lira site by looking at their full ingredients list and the science behind it.


If you do choose to take a look at the scientific proof of Lira’s effectiveness, you will surely come across the mention of peptides. When it comes to the varied list of meticulously selected ingredients that go into Lira’s skin care lines, you could look at peptides as…

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Retaining Healthy Skin With Retinol

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You may notice that a reoccurring theme in this blog is the discussion of the science that goes into developing effective skin care technology. The reason for this motif is Lira Clinical’s focus on remaining on the forefront of innovation in the cosmetics industry. After all, skin care without transparent scientific data backing it up is essentially a return to the days of traveling snake oil salesmen. And in the vein of transparency, this week we will be dissecting one of the most effective skin care ingredients available today: Retinol.


Retinol is a form of vitamin A that can be derived from several enzymatic processes. Vitamin A has been used in various forms in skin care for a very long time, but when it is changed into the form of Retinol it has been found to be the most beneficial. This is because Retinol is the most reactive form of…

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The Problem with Microbeads

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Innovations in skin care technology occur at a much more frequent rate than one would think, but more often than not they fly under the radar. But, every once in a while, an innovation will occur that will seemingly disrupt the industry and become so widespread that you have no choice but to become aware of it. This has certainly been the case with the invention of microbead technology. If you walked down any cosmetics isle in the country, you would find at least a dozen items that have “Microbeads” printed right on the front of the packaging. This technology has been a huge selling point for numerous skin care lines over the past several years since adding it to tradition skin care products aides in exfoliate your skin, making the original product more effective. Since this product is so tiny and seemingly had no down side, no one stopped to…

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