Retaining Healthy Skin With Retinol

Lira Clinical Blog

You may notice that a reoccurring theme in this blog is the discussion of the science that goes into developing effective skin care technology. The reason for this motif is Lira Clinical’s focus on remaining on the forefront of innovation in the cosmetics industry. After all, skin care without transparent scientific data backing it up is essentially a return to the days of traveling snake oil salesmen. And in the vein of transparency, this week we will be dissecting one of the most effective skin care ingredients available today: Retinol.


Retinol is a form of vitamin A that can be derived from several enzymatic processes. Vitamin A has been used in various forms in skin care for a very long time, but when it is changed into the form of Retinol it has been found to be the most beneficial. This is because Retinol is the most reactive form of…

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