Do You Know Your Blood Type?

I find myself asking almost everyone one of my skin care clients this question during treatment because of a book I’ve read….

My friend Sammy showed me this book about six years ago and really all I remembered of it was that it said for my blood type, I couldn’t eat cashews and I love cashews so I didn’t give this book much more thought. But that was before I became an esthetician and obsessed with all things skin.
For the last two years I have come to notice the very strong connection between the health of the skin and nutrition. When I came across this a few months ago for the second time I saw it in a whole new light. I’m not a big fan of fad diets, but this diet is not just to shed a few pounds it is for the HEALTH of your body (including your skin!)
I have learned through plenty of other nutrition books that the less your body has to filter, (preservatives, food coloring, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics) the more beautiful your skin will be and this means eating a very clean, usually vegetarian, vegan, or raw diet.
Many people I know, (including myself being an A- blood type), benefit from a meat and dairy free diet. I also have known people who have tried these types of diets and end up wasting away into skin and bone or experience very upset digestive systems. It’s argued that this author’s research is not backed by enough published evidence.…. but judging from my small interviews with people, most A blood type people tell me that they have a hard time digesting red meats and experience gas after eating dairy. And the O blood types I know always say that a vegetarian diet just wasn’t enough for them. In the book you learn about the four blood types and what foods are beneficial, what food are irritating and the reasons why. Is it just coincidental that over and over in my interviews my clients say the same thing the book says about their diets? I think not.