QX MAX Laser Services


We have a new laser at Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic! Although it’s already popular throughout Asia and Europe, we are only the second clinic in the United States operating the QX MAX system. It performs a number of services including; melasma treatment, acne scarring treatment, sun damage (brown sun spot removal), “no downtime” wrinkle treatment, inflammatory acne treatment, deep pore cleansing and toning (laser facial), and tattoo removal.

I have two years laser tattoo removal experience working with the MedLite Hoya system. The Fotona representative explained to me the difference between the QX MAX and the Hoya MedLite is that there is no loss of power from the laser as the tattoo lightens. I experienced a plateau in treatment many times with the Hoya system, the tattoo would get light and then just seem to never fully go away as the patient paid for treatment after treatment. The QX MAX system is supposed to deliver power no matter how light the tattoo gets for a faster removal process. Since this system is brand new to our office, I don’t have to experience to compare the two laser systems on my own, but I’m hoping the QX laser does what the company claims. The patients we have treated four weeks ago are seeing visible fading and it will be exciting to see how well the laser continues to deliver those results as their tattoos get lighter. For general information on pricing, please call 801-281-0022. Consult information available at UtahTattooMD.com.

For the month of February, the esthetics special for The Spa @ UDMPC is the new deep pore cleansing laser facial with the QX MAX system! This treatment is quick, only  20-30min, with no downtime! When you come in for the treatment, we will have you wash your face with Infusing Cleanser. Then, in the treatment room, your facial skin will experience two different settings on the laser. The first setting will stimulate collagen and clean out blackheads. I can literally see a plume of smoke come from the blackhead as the laser light hits it! After cleaning out  dirt, make-up, dead skin cells and oil from the pores,  the second laser setting shrinks them back to their original size. Your laser facial is then finished with application of  Wrinkle Relaxer Serum, Resveratrol Age Defying Cream, and Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 30. If you have a sensitive skin type that cannot bear traditional extractions without injury or are prone to bad reactions from regular facials, this could be the perfect treatment for you. This is a manly enough treatment for you guys that want great skin too, we know you like tools! It may take a series of treatments to arrive at desired results, you can do one every four weeks. Try the laser facial while it’s on sale this month for only $75.00 (regularly $100.00)






Hair Care: Andalou Lavender & Biotin Full Volume Conditioner

Hair Care: Andalou Lavender & Biotin Full Volume Conditioner.

Wow! I finally found a natural shampoo and conditioner that does not leave my hair dull and lifeless! Some of the other brands I’ve tried are, Dr. Mercola, Everyday Shea  and Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo. Although these products are less chemical than my all time favorite shampoo, Redken Color Extened, my thin hair was heavy and dull and I was beginning to give up hope. Andalou leaves my hair shiny and light, and checkout this list! This product is certified organic, fair trade, no parabens, sulfates, GMO, petrochemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, colors or preservatives. pH balanced & hypo-allergenic. Vegetarian and cruelty free!

Since becoming a master esthetician, my education involving ingredients of skin care products and how they affect the skin has helped me to developed an annoying habit of reading ingredient lists on everything (sometimes ignorance is bliss). I am constantly re-evaluating many products that I use including; skin care, sunblock, make-up, laundry detergents, perfumes, household cleaners, supplements, toothpaste and mouthwash, and now shampoo, conditioners and hair styling products!  And we won’t get into food ingredients, that will be another blog post.

I’ve read that sodium lauryl sulfate can contribute to hair loss, there are lots of detailed articles out there that provide this information. Wikipedia, one of my favorite information sources on the internet, provided this information about the carcinogenicity of SLS, “Toxicology research by the U.S. OSHA, NTP, and IARC supports the conclusions of the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA) and the American Cancer Society that SLES is not a carcinogen.

My opinion, maybe it is not a carcinogen at certain levels or exposure percentages, but when every product you use on or around you has SLS and other chemicals as an ingredient, those levels and exposure percentages have to be higher than what the CTFA, SLES, OSHA, NTP and the IARC expected. Right? Also, I love the motto, if you can’t eat it and not get sick, don’t rub it into your skin.

SLS is also looked down upon in the skin care industry because of  its ability to strip the skin of oil, which is not ideal for dry or sensitive skin types. Your scalp is the most absorptive place on your body, you should be aware of what you are putting on it everyday because in the long run, not dousing your scalp in chemicals and bi-products has to make a difference. If I wouldn’t use it on my face, I certainly shouldn’t use it on my scalp!

Beauty Make-up


The classic smokey eye / red lip look, my personal favorite!

On this beautiful brown eyed, dark haired model’s eyes I first laid down a primer, Stila Primer Pot in beige, on the lids from the lash line up to the brow. I then corrected dark under eye circles using the 5 Camouflage Cream Palette by Make Up Forever and set it with some translucent powder. I used a matte purple in the crease, and layered Creep from the Urban Decay Naked Palette over it to deepen the shadow of the crease. The purple accents her brown eyes and brings some fun color to this look. On the lid I used NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow and I highlighted just below her brow and in the corner of her eyes with Virgin from the Naked Palette. I lined her upper and lower waterline with black pencil and glued on some NYX Fabulous Lashes and some mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Using a disposable mascara wand and some small scissors, I trimmed this models brows, penciled them in with black and used an angled brush to blend lines.

When doing a smokey eye look, I prefer doing the eyes first, before the face make up. That way if there is fall out from the eye shadows or pigments you use, they clean up easily with some cotton and a light face lotion. I keep Dermalogica’s Active Moist in my kit for this reason. For her face, I first used Colorscience Skin Brightening Primer and then a Glo Pressed Base. I shaded in under her cheek bones, under her chin, and also her hair line with NYX Pecan Blush for a sculpted, bronzed look and hit the apples of her cheeks with NYX Spice Blush.

Her lips are lined and filled in with MAC Cherry Lip Pencil. I applied ontop of pencil with a lip brush Maybelline’s Color Sensationtional Lipcolor in Summer Sunset and in the middle of the lip, Very Cherry.

Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?


Here is a link to an article I read in Skin Inc.Magazine on chemical and physical sunscreens. This article written by Rhonda Allison, the founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises. Respected world-wide for her innovative work with acids and chemical peels, Rhonda Allison is known as a highly respected speaker, author, and educator who has worked behind the aesthetic chair for 30 years. Before you find yourself staring at the shelves of sunscreens wondering which one is best, read this informative article!

Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good? By Rhonda Allison

A few other tips I would add for sunscreen:

  1. Apply thirty minutes before sun exposure.
  2. Reapply every two hours. (Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 50 physical sunscreen brush is the easiest to reapply because of its powder form. Who wants to put a lotion on in the midday? It easily packs around in your purse or car with a mess. Kids and men like it too! )
  3. Don’t forget ears, the part in your hair, and feet!

Getting ready for a photo shoot? Checkout this checklist!

I have been a make up artist on a number of photo shoots and runway hair shows. Here are a few suggestions I have to make sure your shoot or show goes well and your photos turn out better:

Do not get your hair colored the day before the shoot. Dye showing on the hair-line or on the ears that is difficult to camouflage with make up. Retouching flaws like this cause more work for the photographer.

Do not get your brows waxed or go tanning the day of, the skin will be too red for the shoot.

Polishing up your skin with a facial is a great idea, but because most people breakout after a deep cleansing, be sure to book your facial weeks before your shoot. Stick to a treatment your skin is use to, that way you will avoid any unexpected skin peeling or irritation.

If there is a make up artist scheduled for your shoot, come with a clean, polished face. Take a steamy shower and use a scrub, you can make your own using your cleanser and adding a little brown or white sugar to it. If your skin is really dry, use jojoba oil and sugar. If plan to do full body photos, scrub your whole body! You can also use a buffing pad or Clarisonic to polish your skin. Don’t be too rough though! The steam will soften the dead skin cells so they will bump off with gentle exfoliation.
Finish your face with a hydrating serum and a light weight moisturizer. Make sure mascara and eye goobers are completely cleaned up. To make your eyes look more awake, use some eye drops & curl your lashes. Do not pick at your face, blemishes are more easy to camouflage then scabs! Your body might need a light bronzing lotion but make sure that it is even in color and there are no streaks.

If your hair is also going to be styled at the shoot, do not wash it day of. Hair styles more easily if it’s a little dirty but we don’t want super greasy roots or too much product build up. Wash hair day before shoot with little or no styling product.

Always bring your own mascara and foundation just in case the make up artist does not have your color or doesn’t provide these items. If you like false lashes, bring a pair and ask the artist to apply them for you. Keep some safety pins and bobby pins in your make up bag for hair and wardrobe alteration or malfunction.

For your wardrobe, solids are preferred over prints and bring layers. Don’t forget to include any fun scarves, belts, jackets & funky jewelry you might have as well as a few different pair of shoes. Bringing more options for wardrobe change is better than not bringing enough.

Drink plenty of water the day before your shoot and get eight hours of sleep. If it’s in the morning, wake up early to do some light stretching or exercise so you look & feel awake when you arrive. Eat a small healthy breakfast and drink green tea if you need an energy boost.

Practice modeling the outfits you have chosen for the photo shoot in the mirror. Make sure the clothing lays right and you feel comfortable in it.

Be confident and have fun!